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Five Ways to Claim Your Inner Calm

Hello Trauma Mini-Workshop - Claim Your Inner Calm

Workshop Details:

Join our FREE mini-workshop, Five Ways to Claim Your Inner Calm, from the comfort of your own home via Zoom.

Designed for people recovering from complex traumaour FREE mini-workshop, Five Ways to Claim Your Inner Calm, this transformative session is dedicated to helping you take those first steps to unlock the secrets to lower stress levels and discover the profound wellspring of inner peace within your own body.

During this 30-minute presentation, we will offer a brief overview of what complex trauma is, how it “lives” in the body, and how you can take charge of the healing process in small but meaningful ways.

After this discussion, we will offer five carefully curated body-based techniques that anyone can do to help calm your nervous system down and bring you back to a place of centeredness and peace.

This mini-workshop will be followed by a 30-minute sharing and Q-and-A for anyone wishing to participate.

Note: The 30-minute presentation will be recorded, and all participants may stay off camera for that portion of the meeting. Everyone who registers for this workshop will receive a recording of the lesson. The 30-minute sharing and Q-and-A session will not be recorded for the sake of privacy.

This FREE mini-workshop is hosted by Ariana Ziminsky from Hello Trauma and the Survive to Thrive online healing community. It is part of a free and low-cost outreach to those with limited resources who are recovering from the effects of childhood trauma and complex PTSD.

The Hello Trauma Survive to Thrive online healing community is a comprehensive, peer-supported, low-cost safe space for anyone seeking gentle guidance and connection with others who “get it” on the path to reclaiming your life after a childhood involving complex trauma.

You can find out more about the Hello Trauma online community by connecting with Ariana at or via

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