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I Couldn’t “Fake It” at Life Anymore…​

I woke up every morning with a low-lying feeling of dread. “What was I going to screw up today?” would be one of the first thoughts in my mind. But no matter the feelings, I would pull myself out of bed and make my way out into the world of kids, kitchen, and day-to-day family life.

I was slowly dying on the inside, and the anxiety, overwhelm, and unhappiness were sucking the life right out of me. Everything was just too much. I loved my children and was so grateful for our family life, but I was also completely trapped. It’s like I was paralyzed to do anything in my life lest I get yelled at by that lingering voice in my head.

Could I explain how I felt? No, not really. But I was often tense, on edge, and easily annoyed. There were so many moments where I was trying so hard to be the best mom and wife ever– and then suddenly, I’d lose it. I felt out of control, but I wanted more than anything to feel like I was enough just the way I was.

Again and again, I was left asking myself: What is wrong with me? Why am I so broken? How come everyone else has it “all figured out,” but I don’t? I felt I had to continue to shove down all the insecurities and appear as my best self, no matter the judgmental voices in my head that made me feel like an extreme failure. 

I didn’t arrive at a solution overnight. In fact, I spent years reading every self-help book on the market, journaling on a near-daily basis, and cycling through at least a dozen talk therapists. I joined in-person group therapy, attended retreats and drumming circles, and sought insight from spiritual masters of all levels.

Everything helped – a little. But nothing seemed to get to the core. I was still triggered on a daily basis. I still dealt with depression, anxiety, and mood swings that seemed out of my control. After years of learning about studying what was supposed to work, the knowledge, experience, and insights I had gained during that time started to come together as I tapped into the true power of healing: the body.

Fate led me to a body-based approach to healing called EMDR and I discovered what true healing not only “looked” like from the outside, but what it felt like from the inside out. Combining EMDR with my other growth work, I hit a breakthrough.

It was a sudden arrival of clarity, emotional freedom, and inner wisdom that finally arrived. I stepped into a new me and my life stopped feeling like a mess. In fact, it went pretty much perfect. And I knew I could lead others to do the same. 

I now bring together the best of the best in a program that offers guidance, direction, motivation, and insight for those who are determined to break free from the emotional shackles of the past, escape the effects of trauma and get more out of life.

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