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It is so exciting to have you here to find out more about the online Childhood Trauma Healing Course!Β πŸ’•

This course is designed to help you start feeling better right away, gain clarity on why your past is affecting you so much today, and bring in the peace of mind and relief you are seeking from incessant overthinking, nonstop fears and worries, and general anxiety.

Applying is not a commitment to attend. It simply expresses your interested in the course.

After you fill out the course application below, I’ll be in touch with you personally regarding next steps.

Please note:

  • The next session of this course begins the week of March 25, 2024, and meets weekly for 8 weeks. Exact meeting days/times of classes are TBD based on the availability of everyone who applies.

This course is designed to help you:

  • go from feeling stressed too much of the time to feeling calm, cool, and collected by helping your body relax using tried-and-true somatic exercises
  • clear the confusion of “How did I get here in life?” and get the clarity you want on WHY all this trauma stuff is still bothering you and WHY it is NOT your fault!!
  • expand your current self-care rituals into a series of habits, routines, and regular activities that easily support ongoing healing, growth, and peace of mind
  • connect with others on the healing path in a deep and meaningful way.

We will also discuss topics critical to healing that include how to…

  • set boundaries
  • stop being a people-pleaser
  • get past the procrastination
  • destress quickly and easily
  • quiet the relentless, brutal, chattering inner critic

This course combines weekly live Zoom calls with powerful trainings and other tools that help you create and follow the healing path that works best for YOU!

Here’s everything that is included in this 8-week transformation:

  • Weekly group coaching sessions, once per week, on Zoom for 8 weeks
  • Access to the Escape the Effects of Trauma somatic exercise mini-course
  • A free 1:1 “Claim Your Future” coaching session personally with me
  • Weekly video trainings to help you keep processing information between Zoom sessions
  • Downloadable tools to helpΒ guide you on your journey
  • Customized resources to allow you to deepen your study of healing trauma


Apply for the Course Here:

I will contact you via email shortly after this application is submitted.
πŸƒ Childhood trauma can affect so many parts of our lives! What parts of your life are you most interested in focusing on during this course? (Select all that apply.)
πŸƒ Let's say you've attended this course completely and we just wrapped up the last class. What results would you like to see? (Select all that apply.)
If I said the investment in this 8-week life transformation is $795, what would your response be?
Customized payment plan options are available!

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